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Review for the sport massage

Picture1Massage therapy can be found in the earliest form as a physiotherapy and it's a known fact, that it's been used in a many cultures around 30000 years, all ready. 

Several things has changed the massage styles, these days. These changes has been influenced through the opportunity to travel around the globe and of course the knowledge, which has been shared through the internet, has given the own flavour to it, as well. 

The purpose of the sport massage therapy

Most often the aim and the goal of the sport massage style and intention is to either reduce the tension or contain the muscle funtionality and sustain the movability in it's right course. No matter the form of the massage therapy, the masseur or masseuse has the certain aim and intention in the mind, during the massage therapy hour. In sport massage, we focus to the athlete's personal issues. Style and strenghth of the massage therapy will be adjusted with the athlete's training period, which can be for example:

General Preparation Period, Specific Preparation period and Competition period 

(check also the service for the athletes: Special Treatment for Athlete)


Continiously growing intrest's, for the intensive training, naturally increase the attempt to succeed in the competitions as well.  Some cases also sets  the risk levels more high to get injured. Referring to that, it will draw more and more people to get the effective treatment like  the spesific style of sport massage can provide in a  daily basics of their muscle recovery methods. The clearest aim during the massage is to give the push for the training period as a boost for the faster recovery time and help the trainer to get more knowledge about the various musclecare techniques.

man runningSport massage gives more detailed service to the customers than regular massage can provide. Sport masseur should have the knowledge and understanding of the physiology, anatomy and bone structure and it's comprehensive functionality.

Naturally this understanding and awareness helps to do the profession. Specificly to serve the different athletes. Athletes, who will seek the success in many areas, which are included to the competition preparation, most often are interested to cover the wider range of the health matters to succeed more better. Sport massage can be, mainly important to help to acchieve that goal. Athletes, who intend to improve performance and want to increase their competitive edge, will do so by adopting the massage rhythm to improve their strength, durability, flexibility and speed. 

The aim of that authentic growth, which is the athletes personal goal are related to the level of competitions, local, national etc. One section comes of course from the sport style, is it a one man's game or the group game. Player's situation gives certain position, like if it is a group game, a football, basketball or ice hockey for example.

No matter, what the field of sport is, mostly there is a intention to get better with the knowledge of the player. Answer to the question know how? why ?and where we or I are going?

Considering nutrition, training and recovery. Sport Massage as a part of the 
preparation. Recovery is also influenced by the many psychological
factors that should also be taken into account for the development.

Benefit of Sport massage 

Massage therapy that has been skillfully applied to the athlete's daily life is an effective form of therapy for to release the muscle tension and maintaining the balance of the body. By sport massage, these potential injuries can be avoided, because those issues can be timely addressed. Thus, it is possible to address certain potential injuries, problem areas, and individual factors that may affected by both to massage and exercise for the recovery methods. Sometimes this require the co-operation between the masseur, trainer and coach and other participants of the athlete's life. Why? It gives a wider overall picture so that the athlete has the support and the functional network that sport requires for greater success. As a result, the masseur usually finds the background of the issues. Specifically in order to be able to provide the best possible service during the massage therapy hours. Regular movement, may cause some kind of constant tension in the muscles and certain areas of the body. Certain type of training, cause different tension in the different parts of the body, such as: ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These body imbalances may develop and go beyond what is necessary, specially when they are not timely diagnosed.

Skilled massage therapist can detect fluctuations in soft tissues and by using the right techniques he is able to help the athlete, maintain a much healthier physical fitness. Therefore, it is to reasonable assume  that one of the biggest benefits of a sports massage is to help prevent injury. 

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