Body maintenance and coaching Jari

Sports coaching, Sports massage and wellness coaching


I am a licensed sports massage therapist and qualified coach. Sports centre Santasport offered a great framework for my studying, I graduated from there as a licenced sports massage therapist in 2016. I also started my entrepreneurship during the same year. I serve active customers who aim for good quality in their performance in sports, everyday life and during their free time as well (see service descriptions below).

My educational background:

  • Weightlifting coach (level 1, Varala, spnl), 2022
  • During the year 2021 I completed my marketing studies with a professional degree in business, marketing communications expertise
  • I graduated as a trained massage therapist in 2016


Sports massage therapy

Part of an athlete’s everyday life. Mainly to support the professionalism of sports. I Also do the classic massage to support everyday athleticism and relaxation. Ask also programming and any gift cards. Remember to ask for home and business visits as well.

Weightlifting coaching

The focus and aim of my coaching is in the Weightlifting techniques, relating with the level of experience, knowledge and expertise of an athlete.

Sports coaching

Mainly for active athletes, active everyday exercises and beginners for daily exercising. Gym guidance and coaching. Training can take place in the gym or on the jogging trails. Ask also for customized packages.

Well-being coaching

My focus and aim of coaching: Emotional skills and interaction skills. Dialogue skills and performance themes.