During the athlete’s sports massage therapy, we study the individual problem related correlation. Muscle chains and spiral-fascia tightness are reviewed. Because the fascial lines may cause so-called longer term causes of stiffness and other impacts which can really be the cause of stiffness. So these are taken into account and, as a result, we know how to intervene and proceed with it more precisely in the future. With concrete body care and maintenance methods that can help to reduce and provide the adverse effects of the tension in question or even prevent their origin. Along with the treatments, I use mobilizing grip techniques and the trigger point method, and I also open the fascia membrane lines. The training focuses more on self-mastery and making the training more effective, so that it can develop a more holistic and efficient training method for your own body.

  • Trigger point treatment
  • Mobilizing grip style
  • Membrane and deep tissue massage if necessary or according to the situation.

An obstacle or contraindication to massage can be:

  • Untreated cancer and unexamined tumors
  • Hemophilia (bleeding disease)
  • Venous blockages
  • Infectious skin and other diseases (caused by fungus or bacteria)
  • Fever or flu.
  • Hops, hangovers or being under the influence of intoxicants.
  • Tendon and muscle injuries as well as ligament injuries, burns, open wounds, broken bones and severe frostbite.
  • Heart failure or functional heart diseases can be an obstacle. Often requires a doctor’s approval for a massage. In the massage, a better massage position is taken into account in connection with heart diseases, if necessary.
  • A malignant cerebral infarction can be an obstacle, and in that case it is good to ask the doctor for permission to massage and take into account the waiting period.

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