Body care always emphasizes the factors that influence how the load is applied to the body, whether it comes from training or everyday work.

The very beginning, it’s essential to keep things simple. Recovery, as a field of body care, typically starts by identifying the body’s most significant stress areas. These areas are often impacted by the body’s physiology, everyday stresses, and sport-related biomechanics – that is, individual load patterns. Once these specific load areas have been identified, body care can progress to the next level. Here, we can increase the load or the body’s response, or simply maintain functional mobility and enhance the quality of everyday life, through various exercises. These targeted exercises will help you to reduce pain and prevent the load from causing chronic conditions, within the worst-case scenarios.

The effectiveness of body care can be higlighted with various tools. Recommended by different wellness experts and beneficial for many athletes. These tools may include:

  • Foam roller (fascia roller or muscle membrane roller)
  • Different balls (spiked balls, bumpy balls, or even a golf ball)
  • Resistance bands (various exercise bands)
  • Weighted soft balls and other aids (jump boxes and similar equipment)


For your body care challenges, you can purchase individual coaching sessions of varying lengths as needed. Alternatively, you may consider individual body care coaching consulting and mapping as a services like perhaps this 60 min mentor discussions (pricing can be found from the links).