Individual and group coaching

  • Weightlifting coaching (My Specialty)
  • Competitive athletes
  • Functional training
  • Active and everyday trainers
  • Outdoor athletes
  • programming and sparring ( all athletes)

The focus of training and coaching meetings:

  • Body control and mobility factors
  • Dynamic and functional training
  • Relaxing and restorative muscle care
  • Mental coaching, Motivation sparring and development discussions
Kuva; Studio Saraste

Posture consultation and guidance

Weakened posture can affect to the control of your body positioning and thus it may cause various problems and muscle pain, which can be actually avoided and prevented with better understanding of your posture and controlling it with training. This service includes a general review for the basic posture and imbalance checkout between left and right side. Reconstructive suggestions for maintenance and training quidance. Note: Doesn’t include the massage therapy treatment. Price includes the video instruction for some extend of it through email for example. 

Weightlifting Belongs to everyone!

Weightlifting is actually a very good form of musculoskeletal training for representatives of many other styles of athletes and different sports genres, such as everyday exercisers. The best thing is that it is also beginning to be seen in modern sports culture and as a positive phenomenon.

Cuch the extent that anyone can practice weightlifting. I am also happy that the number of female coaches has started to increase, because this sport genre needs to adapt to the modern direction, where a versatile coaching culture is offered.

I have been involved in weightlifting for about 21 years and have been competing for about 10 years of that time, in addition to my work, I have been the leading coach both with the small groups and individual clients for about 8 years already and I have also been the head of a weightlifting school for about 5 years (dated 2023). Educational background is the Level 1 weightlifting coach (year model 2022).

Similarly, with those who have some expertise and possess better knowledge and understanding of the techniques, we go through the workload of training. Basically we think throughout how we can improve body balance and performance. We target the focus of the specific exercisess and methods, mainly reducing the harmful workload in the long run.

Weightlifting techniques, Snatch, Clean and jerk. Squats as well. Weightlifting is starting to become a really popular as a training method. Way to improve powertraining, strength training or alongside many other sports genres as a support exercise. That’s why I prefer that it is very important to learn these techniques well from the beginning. When you learn the techniques of weightlifting well, they also help you with the power production and other athletic characteristics for many other sports to develop your skills, become better and more efficient.

Sports coaching is directed..

Mainly to develop your special skills, referred to with the sport genre of your choice. Otherwise we adapt with other kinds of training as well to support the muscles and specific muscle activation. However the athlete needs specific training for certain characteristics that specifically support the speed, strength and accuracy should be emphasized. Thus the areas that are generally prone to injury should be taken care of and strengthened as a method to get stronger as an athlete.

Naturally, these qualities are developed in the environment where training takes place. However, it is worth noting that the supplementary exercises can be done both with and without a load or weights. Regardless of the sport style or genre, the most important thing is to understand the specific load areas and promote the support of those areas with muscle training and functional movement and don’t forget the control exercises either.

Beginning of the coaching we go through the mapping and consultation. Customer-related topics and matters. Mapping includes the examination to the training from the different aspects. Isolating certain muscle groups is important. Often we plan how to exercise, with certain methods that contribute to the whole functionality of sports training, and supplementary training is also important, so that the right muscles are properly ready for action before the actual training or actual sports performance are performed, regardless of the surroundings, where the training takes place. Recovery is considered as a critical aspect with a connection to the training sessions.

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Weightlifting Coach Jari