Well-being coaching includes various topics. Mainly: Emotional balance, researching and developing thought and belief patterns and improving the interaction skills.

A good emotional balance is one of the key factors for the emergence of functional interaction skills. Clarifying the thoughts and belief patterns mainly helps to recognize and outline the birth points of one’s own actions and thus also helps to modify and build them in a better and more functional direction. The development of the interaction skills begins to show itself during stressful everyday situations. Facilitating the process of challenges guides us in a practical way and that will help us to choose our behaviour and direct our own responsibility to carry our emotional reflections.

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Are you a performer or a lecturer?

With performers we have gone through all the factors. Such as how to reduce performance tension and how to prepare in advance for being in front of the audience. We go through together about what should be taken into account and why. We also consider how to avoid certain matters, to some extent at least to avoid some surprises. What is important to consider and how we can prepare for the unexpected, at least to some extent. By acting like this, we are more confident and brave as performers.

Mental coaching

I am also a Mental coach. I have helped clients with the purpose of goal planning. I want to support people’s inner empowerment, and in life’s changes and challenges in every position.

With emotional skills, I have helped my clients to work on with their own experiences. We have used different styles and methods. Feelings are also reflections of thoughts and beliefs. So, Co-operation with a coach can help you to progress more concretely and clearly, in accordance with the goals.

In general, unprocessed feelings, thoughts and experiences can leave traces that make a person cringe from time to time and thus those situations can cause different emotional blocks in challenging interaction moments. Thus, it can set the mind into a cycle of negativity, from which you can’t get out without the help of the other.

As a coach, I teach clients different methods and habits, to work with the thoughts, feelings or different experiences that cause these emotional blocks, which can negatively affect a person’s behavior, thoughts, beliefs or assumptions.

Mainly it is important to work with negative or adverse effects and feelings, thoughts and beliefs that cause friction because it helps to let you go and build a good self-image and self-esteem. With the help of this coaching, you can get the tools which allow you to get the keys and ways to act in such a manner that in the future you know how to set your boundaries, like a healthy person should. Learn to handle your approach, now and in the future.