Fascia treatment and scar tissue release

Fascia Treatment, Mobility Aid. Do you want to feel more flexible and move more easily? Fascia treatment can help increase mobility and improve the body’s functional biomechanics. That’s why this method is particularly beneficial. Especially for athletes and active individuals. Fascia surrounds our body’s muscles, bones, and organs, and its treatment can unlock the body’s functional potential, restore its functional nature, and support everyday functional mobility.

Fascia treatment is a well-known pain relief method that can help you find long-lasting relief. Additionally, it allows us to identify the specific mobility challenges and explore their causes, as well as work on easing and relieving these pains through targeted exercises and various training methods in those areas of discomfort.

Myofascial release is an effective form of treatment for various muscle tension conditions, treating tendon and ligament issues, as well as managing various injuries and accidents, or, for example, in post-surgery aftercare. In fascia treatment, the approach is primarily soft tissue treatment and does not cause significant pain (at least according to my customer feedback, this is how it is described).

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