Irrevocable and unused time is a factor that causes immediate loss of income for the entrepreneur. Please take this matter into account when you are making the reservation 

( with in unexpected cases of illness or reasonable barriers for the cancellation I try to be humane with the payment methods). 

Cancellation procedure of the booked time:

However, the booked time can be canceled in advance 12 hours before the booked time. Cancellation can be therefore made twelve hours before the reservation of the meeting, without any penalty. 

Timma reservation cancellation you can cancel via the “view reservation” link in the reservation confirmation message you received by email or phone, when there are more than 12 hours left before the meeting starts.  

After this, cancellations and other transfers or reservation changes must be made by email to or phone: +358 40 748 3549 

You will receive a confirmation message for all received cancellations. 

Liability for irrevocable period compensation:

The customer’s obligation to compensate for not using the reserved time. I request 100 % compensation for the unused reserved time ( the full price of the reserved service or product). 

Customer rights: 

Customers also have rights that may be useful to be aware of. 

With the unsolved disagreements customers can contact the consumer representatives and the consumer dispute board. 

If the disagreement regarding the sales, products or services can’t be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the consumer can refer the matter to the consumer dispute board ( 

However, before taking the matter to the consumer disputes board, you must contact the 

consumer advisory services ( ).

The consumer dispute services help consumers with the dispute or disagreement situations ( 

Thank you for reading the cancellation policy. 

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