The special treatment for athletes is mostly intended to get closer to the athlete’s everyday life. Often, different sport genres require various recovery training or treatments to get more skilfull as an athlete. Some other adjustments than what massage therapy can provide. Main goal is to improve the functionality and mobility With a certain exercises and different training methods.

What or which kind of situation can that be?

  • Preparing for a competitive situation.
  • More specific stretching and body care instructions
  • Increase mobility and functionality in problem areas
  • Reduction of muscle imbalance.
  • Mental challenges 
  • Mindset work

The athletes special treatment

Do you want to achieve the top performance in sports? Do you need a special treatment that will take you mentally and physically to the next level? The athlete’s special treatment offers you precise strokes for body care and competition training.

Mental strength is the cornerstone of a successful athlete these days. During the special treatment, we focus on the mental challenges that competitors often face in various competition situations. You will learn to manage the pressure of success and focus on what is essential. I offer you tools to optimize your performance and achieve your goals.

Body care is one important part of an athlete’s overall well-being. Special treatment offers you specific advice on body care to maximize recovery and prevent injury. Professionalism requires various techniques, such as massage, trigger point treatment, stretching and fascia care, which work tailored to your needs.

Preparing for the games is the key to success. Special treatment helps you prepare for top-level competitions. We prepare an individual exercise program or body care plan that takes your needs and goals into account. You will also receive nutrition advice and information on the importance of optimal nutrition and hydration, so that your body is ready to give its best in the competition.

By choosing the athlete’s special treatment, you get the keys to success. Improve your mental strength, take care of your body with precision strikes and prepare for the competition effectively. Come along and take your sports performance to the next level.

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